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Important It's Been an Honour

Discussion in 'Updates & Announcements' started by NobleProductions, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. jaybarrocks11

    jaybarrocks11 Extremely Active Executive

    this makes me wish I started a drama thread when I got banned before it was to late
  2. JoshyBoi02

    JoshyBoi02 Forum Master Noble VIP

    I'm sorry to hear NC hasn't been doing at all well within the past year and it's now shutting down especially in the new year :(. When the new server is open I will be sure to have a look around etc although I don't play PC much at all. Hope the new server does well for you guys :D
  3. RyqnPlays

    RyqnPlays Forum Master Noble VIP

    Good bye NobleCraft, You were the first server I bought something on, You were a great server. Luckily i play on Nemesis gaming!
    I will be glad to meet you on there! :)
    Good bye once again #RIPNobleCraft
  4. Ermuh_

    Ermuh_ Member

    Hello. This is really sad to hear. I have been on this server, for almost 3 years, met my best internet friend, and met other great friends. It is really sad to see that all this is going to be gone. I have a lot of emotions towards this thread. Why does it have to end so fast just like that? Thanks for the post. Goodbye.
  5. SamIsDes

    SamIsDes Well-Known Champion

    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 15, 2017, Original Post Date: Jan 15, 2017 ---
    IP: play.nemegaming.com
  6. xFitz

    xFitz De majustic Appel Noble VIP

    Its been a good run. The time I had was fun. But, nothing lasts forever.
  7. marinaoat

    marinaoat Forum Master Noble VIP

    This hurts my heart. I've never found a server that measured up to Noble.
    This has been my minecraft home for years.
    Very few will remember me; I was usually quietly working away (or fishing), but I'll remember many of you.

    I'll give NemeGaming.com a shot, but Noble, I don't think you can be replaced.
    Farewell all
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  8. shawnpippin100

    shawnpippin100 Forum Master Premium

    I wish I could give Neme a chance but I keep getting banned, Second time now for the same reason as before.Time to wait for an unban and see if this keeps happening.
  9. CamdenFlame

    CamdenFlame Married to my Iphone 7 Noble VIP

    They say you were caught hacking and then ban evading, so yea just wait until ban is over
  10. shawnpippin100

    shawnpippin100 Forum Master Premium

    Ban is perm, I was previously unbanned for this exact same reason because It was proven false.
  11. WestCoast_PvP

    WestCoast_PvP Look at my YouTube Channel Plz Noble VIP

    ... Not one for speeches, but I can say I truly loved the first months I played NobleCraft. This was the server where I learned to pvp, where I made friends I still know today, and where I had great ties to over the last year and a half I've been on NobleCraft. Can't say I didn't see it coming, but life goes that way. *Cliche quote inhound* When you love something, you have to let it go.
  12. Earthquake8802

    Earthquake8802 Earth Executive

  13. PredatorCookie

    PredatorCookie The Destroyer, Terminator, & the Eater of Cookies! Noble VIP

    I'm going to make this short and snappy. :p
    Thank you to everyone who has been my friend on NobleCraft, you've all be incredible. I wish everyone the best for the future! My absence from NobleCraft wasn't due to the server lacking creativity but due to my aspirations else where other than Minecraft. I've learnt so much from Minecraft & from NobleCraft, however I am going to have to call it quits too.

    Thank you guys for the wonderful journey... Hasta la Vista!

    -King Regards, PredatorCookie

    p.s- Time is the only true measurement, Don't waste it. Take chances, Be who you want to be and let nothing stop you because you are who you want to be!
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  14. MonsterMarkoNL

    MonsterMarkoNL Extremely Active

    :( i loved it here ty everyone <3
  15. i8adingo

    i8adingo Member

    Sucks to see the server go! I had fun on here and met a lot of nice people. I'll try out that new server for sure.

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