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Anniversary Four Years

Discussion in 'Updates & Announcements' started by NobleProductions, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. NobleProductions

    NobleProductions Network Owner Owner Build Team Lead

    A year later, we reach another great milestone that I never once thought would be possible, especially all the way back to when I first opened the server, all the way back in November 2011. In that time, what this server has become in those four years is something I can proudly say I started. As I mentioned last year, running this server is almost second nature to me, it consumes most of my day when I'm not completing assignments for university, or focusing on other things in my life. The thing is, I couldn't ask for anything better. Running Noble Craft over these last four years is something I will never forget. Not only has it changed me as a person, but it has allowed me to meet some of the most incredible people that I would have never had the opportunity to know. Because of this server, I have made amazing friends, even met some of them in real life. To think about that, I have met people in real life that I started talking to on the internet. That in itself, I have no words to give.

    We have had our ups and downs over these last four years. However, we have always prevailed. We always do. We may be having troubles right now, but in the end, these issues will mean nothing once they are resolved.

    I want to thank everyone that has been part of this journey. Whether you only joined today, last month, last year, or even 4 years ago, you have been part of this journey. You are part of the reason we are still here to this day. Without you, this network is nothing. I want to thank those that didn’t continue the journey, but were still part of it. I’ve made enemies over these last four years, but they were once part of this network for some part, and they contributed to the continuation of this server.

    To avoid any kind of favouritism towards any one person in particular, I would like to thank everyone based upon where they are within the network.

    Staff – You started out, as anyone else would have on Noble Craft. Thank you for making it a safe and enjoyable place for everyone else and dedicating your time to making it the best server you possibly can. Whether you are Leadership or Moderation, you have equally made this server the great place it is to this day, and for that, I can do nothing but thank you for your continued hard work, day in, day out.

    Developers – Let’s face it, without these guys, we wouldn’t be any more unique than your typical generic server you can find online. The time and effort you all put into making this server even better is phenomenal, and I love the content you all come up with. The server has a bright future with you all helping shape it. Thank you all, maybe I’ll join you one day in creating custom plugins for the server.

    Everyone else – Whether you have purchased ranks and other content or not, your contribution to the server by simply playing here is a testimony to your faith in us. You are why we continue to run and produce more content for this network. Without you, this network wouldn’t be where it is to this day, four years later.

    Once more, thank you all for being part of our journey to making this server the best it can be. We hope you continue to enjoy the network, and love the changes we have coming in the future.

    Here’s to yet another year of Noble Craft!
    Three Years of Noble Craft
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  2. Borlea

    Borlea The Best Executive

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  3. Incomp

    Incomp NCDT Co-Lead Leadership Developer Applications Quality Assurance

    Special thanks to me making sponge craftable in Survival for a few days.
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  4. SDogAlex

    SDogAlex Apps - QA Noble VIP

    I only joined in May of this year, and look where I am now. Noble, you have made one of the best servers I have ever played on. I have met some amazing friends, and even my best friend. Without you, I would have never met her, and would not have as many friends as I do now. I love the staff team, development team, and the players. You guys are what makes noblecraft a whole. Keep up the amazing work Noble, can't wait to see this server go further.
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  5. shrekster

    shrekster Network Mod :) Noble VIP

    It has been fun Noble. These years have gone by pretty fast. Seeing the Network grow as well as your life and knowledge of Minecraft have been great. Thank you for providing a server like no other for me, Marshmont and everyone else to enjoy. To another year of the server and minecrafting!
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  6. OriginallyGaming

    OriginallyGaming Network Staff Administrator Forum Admin Applications Champion

    It hasn't even been a year since I joined Noble Craft but my experience so far has been unforgettable. Thank you Noble for making this happen and allowing me to make new friends, including my closest friend that I now talk to daily. Without this network, I would have never met him. I only joined the server in January of this year along with staff that I joined in April, but even that has been the greatest moments in my life, i'm grateful that I get to spend it with Noble Craft Community that I now call home. Thank you again for a fantastic experience and many others I get to contribute in for years to come.
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  7. Necrai

    Necrai Head of QA Premium

    Not been here nearly as long as some people but my time here has been amazing. <3
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  8. xfscraft

    xfscraft Forum Master

    I haven't been on this server for that long either, but it is still one of my favorite servers ever!

    Lets hope for another 4 years!
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  9. TheNoahcat

    TheNoahcat Extremely Active VIP

    Noble first of all Man that was touching and I have been on this server for a year ever since Coveys gave you Plots and I have had memorable moments (even when I asked to be banned by the way I'm really sorry for that) I have met friends lost friends Play with friends I know in real life I just absolutely love this server lets hope for another four years!
  10. GrandChaos_lord

    GrandChaos_lord Artist and YouTuber

    Having seen the network grow and become what it is today from what it was when i first joined has amazed me and the work that actually gets put into keeping the noble craft community strong. Im glad to see another year go by with this network. Let's see how much more creative we can be
  11. ibtofu

    ibtofu PlotsMC Legend + Infamous Member Noble VIP

    Was that intentional?

    Wait my bad, that's a link to the three years post lol
  12. pf100

    pf100 Well-Known

    Happy Birthday Noble-Craft! 4 years sure did go by fast, I feel like it was just yesterday when Noble, Sard, Crude, and Toko welcomed me on the original Noble-Craft RPG server, and although the people have changed, and the network has grown, I feel so proud to have been there for those beginning years. I hope the next year is even better than the last!
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  13. stevengood

    stevengood Extremely Active Noble VIP

    pf100 I think I remember you from about 2 years ago
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  14. shawnpippin100

    shawnpippin100 Forum Master Premium

    Pf Omg I thought I would never see you on NC It's been soooo long... Cheers to another year of NC as a server, Meeting new people. I remember when Skyblock was 1-2months old.Then survival came ect.NC Has grown tremendously in the years it's been up.Keep up the good Work Noble,Lew,Devs,Staff.
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  15. ShadysPrisoner

    ShadysPrisoner Active

    LOLZ i got banned:(
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