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Top Monthly Voters Top Voters - September 2014

Discussion in 'Top Monthly Voters' started by NobleProductions, Oct 1, 2014.

  1. NobleProductions

    NobleProductions Network Owner Owner Build Team Lead

    Hey everyone!

    A new month is here, and we have the top voters for September!

    The top voters of last month are as follows:
    1. Nicky_0607 - 132 votes - $30 store voucher
    2. LegomanZ999 - 118 votes - $15 store voucher
    3. thiebear99 - 113 votes - $10 store voucher
    The top voters must contact me to receive their code to use on the store.

    We've got a special announcement for the next top voters month. On top of the vouchers, you will receive physical prizes thanks to Marvanjo! The prizes for each place are as follows:
    1st: Glow in the dark sticks, cup and Halloween snow globe.
    2nd: Glow in the dark sticks and snow globe.
    3rd: Snow globe


    Thank you for voting, and we'll see you on November 1st!
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2014
  2. mikey17s

    mikey17s Bringer of Bans Noble VIP

    Yay for stuff!
  3. Marvanjo

    Marvanjo Forum Master

    I second this motion! :D
  4. Marvanjo

    Marvanjo Forum Master

    Oh btw. The cup lights up.
  5. Suzanne Hartman

    Suzanne Hartman Member Noble VIP

    I love cups that light up!!!!! :D
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  6. Nicky_0607

    Nicky_0607 Member

    Noble can you maybe send me my code with an email on survival or on this website?
  7. DeluxeGhost64

    DeluxeGhost64 Member

    that cool
  8. KittyWolfDreams

    KittyWolfDreams Cade + Taylor Noble VIP

    Congratz voters! Troll Face.jpg
  9. Lazerdude45

    Lazerdude45 Member

    Congratulations all Voters!
  10. Nicky_0607

    Nicky_0607 Member

    Noble could you maybe join hub now so you can tell me the code pls!? :)
  11. Louis

    Louis Active

    Congrats to all the voters
    Enjoy your prize!

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