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Top Monthly Voters Top Voters Of The New Year!

Discussion in 'Top Monthly Voters' started by Marvanjo, Feb 1, 2015.

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  1. Marvanjo

    Marvanjo Forum Master

    Hey everyone!

    A new month is here, and we have the top voters for January!

    The top voters of last month are as follows:
    1. LegomanZ999 - 77 votes - $30 store voucher
    2. CoolBoy994 - 66 votes - $15 store voucher
    3. mashemup - 65 votes - $10 store voucher
    The top voters must contact me to receive their code to use on the store.

    As always, thanks for voting!
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  2. Scr3w3d

    Scr3w3d Ex-Senior Mod, Dragon Noble VIP

    Thanks for the votes, they help us out tremendously! :) Congrats, stay awesome, and vote vote vote!! :cool:
  3. Michael S

    Michael S Destanie's Boyfriend

    Votes are as helpful as donations. If you want us to stay up and running like we are now, click that VOTE button on the toolbar at the top of the website. Every vote is helpful.
  4. davidnutt10

    davidnutt10 ❤Too many months to count of being here!!! ❤ Noble VIP

    This month I will actually vote... :)
  5. 2 of the votes don't work for me
  6. mashemup

    mashemup Well-Known Premium

    Just Glad to help the server! :)
  7. CookieLuv_

    CookieLuv_ Forum Master

    Marv, if you don't follow me I will have to go to drastic measures. I will find your house and hide in your closet, while you are sleeping that is. I will first...sniff your hair, second I will eat all your cookies, third shove a cookie down your mouth and watch your reaction, forth teleport your house to outer space and finally take down Jupiter! I got carried away there, oops. Sorry if that was creepy, but just going to tell you....follow me on insta #teamfollowback.
  8. NobleProductions

    NobleProductions Network Owner Owner Build Team Lead

    Please do not necro post on old threads.

    Thread locked.
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