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Anniversary Three Years of Noble Craft

Discussion in 'Updates & Announcements' started by NobleProductions, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. NobleProductions

    NobleProductions Network Owner Owner Build Team Lead

    Just writing that title out is perplexing in itself. I didn't think that I’d have spent almost 1/6 of my life running this network when I first started out. I never thought I see what would eventually become the Noble Network, something that extend beyond just Minecraft; it has essentially become a daily routine in my day-to-day life, which is just crazy in itself. But here we are, just a mere couple of days before the third anniversary of this network.

    Whilst it may seem that I’ve gone slightly off the radar as of recently, I’ve certainly not stopped working on the network, at all. Far from it in fact. Whilst I do see the issues that we have been having over the last few weeks, I have not been ignoring them. Trust me, I’ve been working on the network just as much as I always have, just not in the public eye. Both upper staff and I have been lurking in the shadows, working on bringing you all even more amazing features and items to the network. The merchandise for example, this could not have been done without the help of Marvanjo and his drive to bring in the merchandise part of the network. I know a few people have ordered both different pieces of clothing and stickers from these stores, and we’re greatly appreciative of it and hope you like what you’ve purchased. I’ve personally purchased some stickers for myself, which I never thought I’d see happen. I can’t wait for them to be delivered, that’s for sure. Anyway…

    You’re probably wondering why the overall quality of the servers haven’t been up to the quality they once were. Well, we’ve been busy. As mentioned above, both upper staff and I have been working on projects with our recently formed build team. We have been working on something big for the network, something we’ve never done before. What we’ve done will change how we run the Noble Network from here on out, and we’re sure you’ll all love it. You’re probably wondering what we've done…

    We have completely redesigned Survival, SkyBlock and OP Prison from the ground up. Everything completely rebuilt and ready to go. This may come at the dismay of many of you, but if you have faith in us, we know you’ll love what we have done, and that this will do nothing but make the network even more amazing for you all. On Tuesday November 11th, we will bring the network down to switch the servers around and make network-wide modifications. On the 12th November, the day of the anniversary, we will be hosting a variety of events and activities for you all to try!

    The following events will occur on the anniversary:
    · Brand new Speed Run Parkour Server Competition
    · Network-Wide Hunger Games Competition
    · Multi-Athlon – Parkour PvP Race, Spleef, Swimming Race, Pig Racing and Horse Racing

    The winners of these competitions will receive both in-game rewards and vouchers to use on our store!

    Also on the anniversary, we will be running a 50% off sale across the entire store, which includes the brand new servers!

    To those who have bought anything from ranks to in game money, you will receive the equivalent on the server you purchased them on. So if you bought $35,000 on Survival, you will receive the equivalent on the new Survival server!

    At the end of the day, all of this was made possible because of you, you the community playing on our network. Without any of you, this network would be nothing. We hope you enjoy the new changes coming to the network.

    Here’s to yet another year of Noble Craft!
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  2. Stormy

    Stormy Well-Known

  3. Scr3w3d

    Scr3w3d Ex-Senior Mod, Dragon Noble VIP

    Can't wait for the events!
  4. mikey17s

    mikey17s Bringer of Bans Noble VIP

    Wow...three years. That's such a big number....how big is it you may ask?

    That is exactly
    • 3 years
    • 1,095 days
    • 26,280 hours
    • 1,576,800 minutes
    • 94,608,000 seconds
    of smiling faces playing a variety of games, on the BEST minecraft server in the world.

    I'm so blessed to be a part of this. Noble, Marvanjo, Stormy, Tom, Nick, Ryne, Scr3w3d, and ALL the other staff are some of the most amazing people I've ever had the pleasure of getting to know. I've made some friendships that hopefully will never die, and met some people I couldn't forget even if I tried :p

    The players on this server are just...you guys are what make this server so addicting and yet so immensely rewarding. I've talked to some of you quite a bit, and others I just recognize because you all play too much :p :p Again, I've met people from all walks of life and people who just care so much about such little things that it amazes me.

    I've loved this server so much since I started playing. I can't wait for another year's worth of memories!
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  5. OmegaDeltaAlpha

    OmegaDeltaAlpha Well-Known Hero

    94608000000 mili seconds,
    1.755068119e+51 in planck time,
    now that; is a big number
    back to topic; I probably joined about when this server was turning 2 years old or something; all the memories Ive created on this server... its amazing!
  6. Undyne_x

    Undyne_x Dominates at Skyblock! Noble VIP

    So excited! :)
  7. R_Turnbull

    R_Turnbull Old Grumpy Dude Hero

    no building competitions?

    will the other servers be up during the game? or are the games filler until the regular content comes back online?
  8. davidnutt10

    davidnutt10 ❤Too many months to count of being here!!! ❤ Noble VIP

    Been waiting for this for awile, but no kitpvp server? Will there be global ranks? Will 100% of everything be gone? And does this mean we get A drop party on OP-Prison?
  9. davidnutt10

    davidnutt10 ❤Too many months to count of being here!!! ❤ Noble VIP

    It has also been good to know I've been with the network for almost two years now! :D P.S. Your welcome for the 50$ donation! :D
  10. RyneJ

    RyneJ some dude Noble VIP

  11. thebeast6854

    thebeast6854 Member

    I'm excited but sad for this. Im gonna mis my island. I don't want enderchests to reset xD. But mostly I'm excited for this update! Let's think positive with the new updates ahead and not worry about that past. Goodluck to everyone and there new servers! It will be a race to the ranks :D. When will the servers be back up though? I wanna play all the time I can. Does this also mean that there will be some more oppurtunities for people to apply for trial mod? Have a good day guys :D and congratz on the 3 years. I think i've been on here for that long. lol
  12. Optic_Minerzzz

    Optic_Minerzzz Extremely Active Premium

    Congratulations everyone. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to take part of the staff team, and I want to thank you for allowing me to become part of the team. I look forward to the time that is ahead of us, and I cant wait to see Noble Craft grow. Once again raise your glass to 3 years of being up, and stay classy NC !
  13. R_Turnbull

    R_Turnbull Old Grumpy Dude Hero

    Some people have won prizes and money to spend in the shop for ranks and perks... will these prizes be considered the same as real money spent and purchases be carried over to the reset?
  14. KnottyZander

    KnottyZander Survival Trial Mod Noble VIP

    I hope everyone is as excited as I am!
  15. Why does it have to come to a end :(.I hope i do well in the next survival world if not I dunno.Are we keeping are ranks aswell, if not why?

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