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Top Monthly Voters October 2016

Discussion in 'Top Monthly Voters' started by NobleProductions, Nov 2, 2016.

  1. NobleProductions

    NobleProductions Network Owner Owner Build Team Lead

    Hello everyone,

    A new month is here, and the top monthly votes have been reset, so here are the winners from the previous month!

    Top Votes – October 2016
    For those of you who do not know, each month, we track the top voters (/vote) on the network, and reward the top three players with vouchers to use at store.noble-craft.net! For October, the following people will receive a reward:

    Teddy_ursa – 65 Votes - $30 voucher to use at store.noble-craft.net
    Silk_Silhouette – 58 Votes - $15 voucher to use at store.noble-craft.net
    kristian1500 – 57 Votes - $10 voucher to use at store.noble-craft.net

    Please send a message to me on the Forums for your vouchers, and you will receive them as soon as possible!

    Leadership Team
    Apologies for the late post!
  2. Dadsbuddy13

    Dadsbuddy13 Loling Master

    Good job everyone!
    Wow! The votes are really low this month.
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  3. Silk_Silhouette

    Silk_Silhouette It is what it is.

    Will Novembers votes be counted soon?

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