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Survival 1.0 claustrophobic?

Discussion in 'Noble Craft Discussion' started by hghuy, Nov 21, 2015.


Should the world (and other dimensions) be increased?

  1. A. It doesn't need to.

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  2. B. Sure !!! More space

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  3. C. Couldn't care less

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  1. hghuy

    hghuy Forum Master Noble VIP

    I found this map in .....'s base Basically these people are living close together. Post your maps of people living close to each other (or huge kingdoms) Whats the biggest party by wonder?
    2015-11-21_13.51.13.png 2015-11-21_13.52.28.png 2015-11-21_13.52.28.png 2015-11-21_13.51.13.png

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