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Skyblock Christmas Giveaway

Discussion in 'Noble Craft Discussion' started by TedNC, Nov 18, 2016.

  1. TedNC

    TedNC NobleCraft Member Since 2013 Noble VIP

    Around christmas I will be doing a giveaway.
    For this giveaway I will be giving away anything on the store. Let me just explain this
    a little better. Whoever wins this giveaway they will get to chose ANYTHING on the store. The
    players entered in the giveaway will be randomly picked by a generator the day after christmas. The giveaway winner will be announced here on this thread. So, here is how to enter the Christmas Giveaway,
    the players that would like to be in this giveaway will have to comment there in-game username. Yes, that is all you need to do. Now if any changes in this giveaway I will make sure to let you guys know in this thread. Also there is one rule for this giveaway. Rule 1- Absolutely NO alt accounts. which means you may not have your other account enter in this giveaway. The reason why I am doing this is because I am doing this for the community and I know how much people need this. Now if any questions about the giveaway make sure to comment them down below. Hope you guys enjoy this giveaway! :)

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  2. Cute_Cottoncandy

    Cute_Cottoncandy Tumbleweed Applications Helper Executive

    Cute_Cottoncandy Good luck everyone!!!
  3. CookieLuv_

    CookieLuv_ Forum Master

  4. IceBarren

    IceBarren Icey Helper

    Very thoughtful of you Ted. c:
    Best wishes to all who enter~!
  5. rostw

    rostw Blaming Lew since 1998 Helper Executive

    rostw C:
    Good luck to all you nerds out there
  6. SethTheSquirrel

    SethTheSquirrel RIP. Champion


    Good luck everyone!
  7. Freezinater

    Freezinater I make puns. You've been warned. Senior Moderator Quality Assurance Champion


    Good luck everyone, but it's my turn to win. Kappa
  8. creativebrain10

    creativebrain10 Executive VIP

    Now I'm not sure if this is 100% allowed and if not ill enter for myself IGN: CreativeBrain10 but if it is allowed I'm entering for a friend of mine who doesn't have internet: Dead_eye563
    since as I said he can't enter due to a lack of internet :3
  9. TedNC

    TedNC NobleCraft Member Since 2013 Noble VIP

    Just to clear things up guys you are now allowed to have your alt enter in the giveaway or you could enter for your friend BUT you may only do one person its either your alt, a friend, or you

  10. IceBarren

    IceBarren Icey Helper

    Ooh, in that case I'll enter for Jumb0zero :p
  11. CrazyBearGuy

    CrazyBearGuy Extremely Active

  12. MonsterMarkoNL

    MonsterMarkoNL Extremely Active

    Gl for the rest of ya'll
  13. TedNC

    TedNC NobleCraft Member Since 2013 Noble VIP

    Remember, Giveaway closes on December 26th
  14. Dadsbuddy13

    Dadsbuddy13 Loling Master

    Dadsbuddy13 :p

    GL everyone! Thanks, Ted!
  15. TedNC

    TedNC NobleCraft Member Since 2013 Noble VIP

    Thanks guys but the giveaway has ended. I have been permanently banned for Auto Mining. There was plenty of players who also were auto-mining with proof but did not get banned this is unfair and I can't even do the giveaway. I know what your saying yes I can but I'm not going to do it if I get banned. Thanks staff :mad:

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