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Anniversary 5 Years

Discussion in 'Updates & Announcements' started by NobleProductions, Nov 12, 2016.

  1. NobleProductions

    NobleProductions Network Owner Owner Build Team Lead

    5 years, 5 long years. That’s how long it took to take back… Wait, wrong franchise, apologies.


    5 years. It certainly doesn’t seem as if an entire year has passed since I wrote about our 4 year anniversary… But here we are, an entire year later. I think it’s safe to say that it’s been a bit of a weird year for us, but comparatively, it isn’t that much different. We’ve come so far these last 5 years, and a lot in the world has changed so much. To put it into perspective, 5 years ago…
    • Minecraft was still in beta (1.8.1 beta to be exact!)
    • MCPE Alpha 0.1.2 was about to be released on iOS
    • Minecon 2011 was about to be held in Las Vegas
    • Mojang was about to switch to weekly Minecraft development versions
    • Jeb became the lead developer of Minecraft, succeeding Notch
    • Notch still owned Mojang
    Those are the very few events to have occurred around the time this server was created. To see how far this server, and this game has come is astounding to absolutely say the least. So much has changed over these last 5 years, not just this server or Minecraft, but those that have enjoyed Noble Craft. Seeing the amount of people that have come and gone by over this last half decade is definitely quite the experience.

    It’s difficult. It really does get difficult finding what to say that hasn’t already been said in previous years, just that I want to say thanks. Thanks to everybody that has been involved in this network, whether you just played on the server, or you were/are staff, or even involved in turning this server into what it is today. Thank you.

    We’ve faced difficulties, we’ve surpassed them, we’re still here, 5 years later. Sure, we’ve seen better days, but we’ve also seen worse. We’ve overcome insurmountable odds placed against too many times to count.

    This year, I decided to look back at some of our old content, I come across our old website, which also happened to contain every single post and forum thread dating all the way back to November 2011. If you are interested in going through these posts and threads, a read-only copy is available here! There’s definitely some hidden gems in there, I can tell you that much.

    Survival 1.2.5 (July 2012)
    Skyblock Staff Team 1.4 (October 2012)
    Survival 1.2.5 Spawn (July 2012)
    Survival 1.2.5 Spawn Theatre (July 2012)
    Skyblock 1.4 Perks Board (October 2012)
    Skyblock 1.4.7 Spawn (Early 2013)
    Noble Craft + PlotsMC Merge (August 2014)
    Skyblock 1.4 Spawn Griefed (October 2012)
    Skyblock Spawn 1.4.7 (Early 2013)
    JustCast Lobby Build In-Progress (July 2013)
    Survival 1.0 Beta MC 1.8 Testing (December 2014)
    Testing new website themes (August 2014)
    Review of NC (Sometime in 2014)
    Setting up Skyblock ranks (Sometime in 2014)
    More from Noble Craft + PlotsMC Merge (Sometime in late 2014)
    Hub Spawn (2014)
    Unfinished concept art for new NC logo (Sometime in 2014)
    Noble Craft Logo 3D Render (2014)
    Okay okay. I'm done!

    Again, I'd just like to thank everybody that has, and continues to contribute to Noble Craft in whatever way that you do. You have all cumulatively helped mold this network into what it is today, and without you, it would have never been possible.

    I'd also like to quickly give a huge thank you to our amazing staff team. You know who you are, you help keep this place going.
    Cute_Cottoncandy Freezinater Frxsky IceBarren Incomp FlyingJent Kati__Licious KayeKat Lew_ nedthefed OriginallyGaming rostw Sardenarin Stormpye2 Zombo_

    To celebrate, there will be a 50% off sale on the store for a limited time, and if you are one of the first readers, there is also the coupon code "5Years" that gives you 75% off. The first 5 people to make use of this code will receive 75% off on top of the current 50% off sale. Please note that you do need a minimum basket value of $4.97 in order to use the code.

    Each and every one of you, truly, thank you.

    Just like each year before,
    Here’s to yet another year of Noble Craft!
    Four Years
    Three Years of Noble Craft
    Two Year Anniversary
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  2. OriginallyGaming

    OriginallyGaming Network Staff Administrator Forum Admin Applications Champion

    Thank you Noble, we love you. Let's hope for another amazing 5 years. Cheers
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  3. Cute_Cottoncandy

    Cute_Cottoncandy Tumbleweed Applications Helper Executive

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  4. davidnutt10

    davidnutt10 ❤Too many months to count of being here!!! ❤ Noble VIP

    Oh, good old times..
  5. Amanda

    Amanda <3 Care for others

    Yall there should be a karaoke party tonight- and + I miss the old days and - also no one read anything of mine its all a ton of lies that I thought people believed from when I was 10-11
    --- Double Post Merged, Nov 12, 2016, Original Post Date: Nov 12, 2016 ---
    I'm gonna be finding all the weird stuff I posted and posting it in this comment
    "Ive Modded about 7 servers but ill only get staff if Noble wants me and I respect his decision" Sarah- November 1, 2013

    "Hai Everyone I am MINEcraft61034 I have played a lot on the server and wanted to say something- Thx For everything yall have all done with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love u all SO MUCH
    Plz Check out my youtube Sarah Swarz Hope U enjoy" Sarah- September 18, 2013

    "gavsnipe flips me off" Sarah- November 3, 2013

    "Will someone comment on how I send in screenshots?? So I can report davidnutt10" "Davidnutt10 keeps trapping me how do i pull up Screenshots to send em" Sarah- September 14, 2013

    "Actully 2 words+ is caps idiot yout gonna prob get muted should've read the rules TOO BAD" Sarah- September 4, 2013

    "Ok First thing R_Turnbull is One of the BEST mods on there He is not is ANY way freakin abusing his powers He is just trying to keep the server in order--Next Thing--- Your NOT gonna get unmuted coming on here and Telling staff is abusing there powers As Treefrog says: If your a rule breaker your out" - Sarah- August 27, 2013

    "Noble Is right I didn't come hear and BEG for a unmute when I got muted 10 minutes for a minor thing when I first joined I didn't say I DIDNT DO ANYTHING WRONG OR YOUR ABUSING YOUR POWERS I took it as a learning experience it helped me learn More about the rules That's why I bought VIP When I knew the rules I started respecting them and Made friends By how I treated people after awhile of getting to know the server I said this server deserves a donation so I donated it ALL came out of Being muted and I was happy" Sarah- August 27, 2013

    "Howeva Its still just a short mute Its not a ban You Don't NEED to chat you can STILL play and do commands anyways..
    Lets move on and FORGET" Sarah, August 27,2013
  6. ibtofu

    ibtofu PlotsMC Legend + Infamous Member Noble VIP

    ^Oh boy, that was a fun ride.

    From quitting several times, to making new friends, to re-grouping with old friends. From my 18 denied applications over 2 years, to friends buying me ranks, to dominating KitPvP and laughing at hackers.

    I guess you could say I grew up with NobleCraft in a way. I joined when I started middle school, and the amazing community has gotten me through more tough times than I can count.

    Thank you Noble, the Leadership team, all staff members, and the entire community. My time here was amazing, and I couldn't have asked for it to be any better during those times. Cheers to another 5 years looooong and exciting journey.​
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    Last edited: Nov 13, 2016
  7. SethTheSquirrel

    SethTheSquirrel RIP. Champion

    Love you too Kyle <3

    I remember when I first join Noble-Craft.. I noticed that 'plots-mc' wasnt "restarting" it was merging xD and then I got on and I was like WHATTTTT and I played plots for about a month

    Then my brother (Cptbubbles848) went to survival with Kyle, and we grinded at /warp MegaXP for days.. Ahh those were the times

    I love noble-craft, best 2 years of my life.
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  8. Borlea

    Borlea The Best Executive

    Lew sucks
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  9. SDogAlex

    SDogAlex Apps - QA Noble VIP


    grats on 5 years yu scrubs
  10. PredatorCookie

    PredatorCookie The Destroyer, Terminator, & the Eater of Cookies! Noble VIP

    What an amazing Achievement, reaching 5 years. I haven't been here from the start, but I've seen the progression this server has made through the time I have been here. Noble Craft is an incredible server, its one in a million. I hope to see the next 5 years to be as awe-inspiring as it is today.
    I'd just like to say thanks to Noble for creating the server and the wonderful Staff & players who are so kind & generous.

  11. CookieLuv_

    CookieLuv_ Forum Master

    This has been an amazing ride to say the least.... loved this community.
  12. Cute_Cottoncandy

    Cute_Cottoncandy Tumbleweed Applications Helper Executive

    Why past tence?
  13. TedNC

    TedNC NobleCraft Member Since 2013 Noble VIP

    Love you lots Noble we've known each other for quite a bit and you've seemed like an amazing person. Loving the server and the good ol' memories of Noble Craft and the laughs we have had in the past. Cheers
  14. CookieLuv_

    CookieLuv_ Forum Master

    for the people that left
  15. sesese8627

    sesese8627 Forum Master Premium

    OMG! Is it really already 4 years ago that I joined this server!! I loved this server and passed I think all of my free time on Plots with my friend. I met so many new people and it was an awesome time. Sadly a lot of the old people left like me. I just wish good luck to all of you all, to the server Noble craft, to the staff members and of course to NobleProductions :). It was a great time

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