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New Profile Posts

  1. WhalienWoozi
    Woah I was cringe on here lol
  2. shawnpippin100
    If any og NC players see this feel free to pm me your discord, cant post mine bc of special characters :(
  3. ibtofu
    I guess it's been just over four years now. Jesus I feel old.
    1. ibtofu
      Add me on Discord to keep in contact. KyleTT#1950
      Jan 26, 2021
  4. Kindblue2
    the friends i made, now as a memory. i'm 17 now. reading back my old statuses, i'm glad nc was a part of my chilhood :)
  5. Necrai
    Miss you, NC.
  6. joseph657
    This is crazy. I remember playing this server when I was 10-11. I'm almost 17 now and I'm trying to find my old plot. These were the days
    1. Kindblue2
      i'm 17 now and same here trying to find some nostalgia :)
      Dec 9, 2020
  7. missymutt22
    I play on Castia now, and I changed my IGN to RatTailRusty. Sad to see the server shut down, but at least we have the memories :)
  8. missymutt22
    Holy crap, I was thinking about this server the other day, so I decided to google it and I completely forgot about my old page here.
  9. xfscraft
    Ever just stop and think abt how your childhood is dead
  10. RyqnPlays
    wow, 5+ years of noble craft. missing this server
  11. Da_Awesome_Lori
    hi im nearly 15 now.
  12. FoodTruck_
  13. FoodTruck_
  14. Freezinater
  15. SethTheSquirrel